LG Shine: your Stylish Phone

by : Alice Erin

After rocking the global mobile market with the LG chocolate, LG has now released a new phone, the LG Shine . This sleek and shimmering device looks amazing and complements today's mobile lifestyle. Its a slider phone that offers almost all features that you can expect in your phone device. For fashion conscious people, this could be the best choice.

Slide open the phone and explore phone features that are concealed inside the sophisticated device. Boasting a large 2.2 inch screen, LG Shine provides a good platform for watching videos, images and phone features. When you flip open the phone, the large display screen and keypad glows with light - enabling you to browse the phone menus with ease. Access phone features using multi-function scroll key.

In addition to phone design, LG Shine offers a host of features including a 2.0 mega-pixel camera, digital music player, mind boggling Java games and more. With 2.0 mega-pixel camera phone and auto focus by Schneider Kreuznach, you can capture quality pictures. And with high quality music player - play your favourite music tracks and rock the world on the go. The phone also supports an expandable memory card and creates more rooms for music tracks, videos and images.

The LG Shine phone comes with advanced messaging features such as SMS, EMS and MMS. You can share images, videos, music tracks or synchronise emails anytime-anywhere. Equipped with GPRS and EDGE technology, you can enjoy fast mobile internet wherever you go. What's more, connect the phone with other compatible devices through USB and Bluetooth and share data with ease.

The slim and slider phone comes with metallic casing and looks stunning. Its a very user-friendly device for everyone. Hold this designer phone and browse phone feature with ease. The device is getting huge popularity in the global mobile market - get it once and feel the difference.

LG Shine