LG Ke850 Prada: Peeping in the Future

by : America Ebony

LG has discovered a new gem of a gadget which is better known to us as LG KE850 Prada. As the name suggests, this ornamental mobile device has been elaborately designed by the Italian fashion house Prada. The best technology installed in this device by the manufactures makes it evident that this handset is one of the few good looking and yet technologically superior mobile phones that are available in the market.

The first look of LG KE850 Prada surprises you for it doesn't have any numeric keypad. However, here lies the whole trick of the makers who have made the first fully touch screen device in the form of LG Prada and it is truly meant to bamboozle and mesmerize you. However, there are allegations against this LG KE850 that have pointed out its unobtrusive resemblance to the highly anticipated Apple i-Phone. This can be a good news for the manufactures and a bad news to Apple as they are hoping to build a supreme gadget in the form of apple i-Phone. However, we still have to wait for the launch of that mighty gadget so the users are happy with this designer labeled and technological brilliant substitute of the apple i-phone.

Coming to its features, LG KE850 Prada is an attractive handset that instantly demands your attention towards it. As far as its specs are concerned, it is a Triband GSM device that comes with a reasonable connectivity facilitated by the technologies as GPRS and EDGE that makes this device all the more wanted. LG KE850 Prada has a high resolution 2 Mega Pixels camera that comes with branded Schneider Kreuznach optical lens. Further the multimedia player of LG KE850 Prada is good with an ability to play music in MP3/ACC/WMA file formats. You can as well notice a document viewer in this designer phone that adds to its business features, allowing you to access all of your corporate data through this device. Also, with its FM radio, the latest events from around the world can be listened through your mobile phone.

LG KE850 Prada is truly a futuristic handset that compels us to think about the progress that is being made by the human mind. As for Apple i-Phone and other manufacturers, it would be an inspiration to devise a better technology for tomorrow!!