LG Shine Mobile Phone Contract Review

by : Mark Hirst

The LG shine is a follow on from the hugely successful LG chocolate phone. Now slimmer and ultimately more attractive than its chocolate counterpart, the LG slide is a slider-phone with an extremely attractive shiny exterior.

The LG shine comes with a conventional keypad that is only revealed when you slide it down from behind the screen. LG seemed to have learnt from their mistake with the Chocolate, so many people weren't happy with a touch sensitive keypad as it was too difficult to use.

The screen turns into a mirror when it is not in use. Although this is not a new concept, it is a pretty stylish one nonetheless. When the phone is in use, it lights up to reveal a top-end TFT screen with 262,000 colours. One downside would be that the screen can be difficult to see in direct sunlight, so if you spend a lot of time outdoors this phone may not be for you.

The LG shine comes with a good amount of features. The camera is 2 megapixels and uses a Schneider-Kreuznach lens, there is auto focus and an LED for use when there is dim light. The camera can also be used as a video camera. The end result is a perfectly adequate camera for taking photographs whilst out with friends.

The LG shine also comes with an MP3 player that supports a multitude of file formats. This ultimately means that you can transfer music from a wide range of MP3 players with little or no conversion required. The Shine takes Micro SD memory cards that can store up to 2GB. If you are looking to use this phone as a music player as well, then a high end memory card would be well worth an investment.

Overall the LG shine looks good and has a good range of features. If you are looking to make a fashion statement with you mobile phone then you won't go too far wrong with this little number. A well thought out phone.