LG Shine - Bow to Beauty

by : Raina Kelsey

In the present scenario of mobile marketing, if Sony Ericsson rules the music segment, then its LG that rules the fashion section. The manufacturer has really come up of age, and with the stupendous line of fashion mobiles, and has surely raised the benchmark. LG shine, yet another hit from the house of LG, is a sensational mobile, displaying an incredible blend of beauty, form and features.

The device is called 'Shine' because of its make. When you hold it, the LG shine glows and sparkles in such a way that you feel you are holding a device at your hands. The external fascia of this slider device is dominated by a large screen. And such is the reflective effect of the screen, that it looks like a mirror. Which means one can see the face as clearly as in the mirror. Plus, the whole body of LG shine comes clothed with a stainless steel casing. The fine contours and smooth finish makes the phone further wrap with an brilliant gleam.

But the real magic of the LG shine's mirror like display happens when the device is activated. Under the shining external display is the real display. This display comes with high resolution to make viewing of pictures, videos and text apt, bright and clear. Talking of imaging experience, the LG shine comes with 2 MP camera, with digital zoom and auto focus.

Its next major doze of entertainment is its music player. The player is quite decent and is compatible with all popular formats. For more entertainment, the LG shine comes with games, wallpapers, screen savers, polyphonic tunes to customise the device.

And as far as some serious business is concerned, the LG shine offers tri-band network that works over GSM 900, GSM 1800 and GSM 1900, built-in internet browser and Bluetooth technology. The phone has a talk time of 3 hours, with 280 hours of standby - powerful enough to keep you going for a long time.