LG U300 - Setting Benchmark

by : Alice Erin

In July, 2006, apart from launching the much appreciated LG chocolate, the manufacturer also presented an entry level 3G handset - the LG U300. This seemed a good strategy on the part of LG, for Nokia (the rulers of the entry-level mobile market) was then busy building its portfolio of multi-media phones. Stylish and compact, this LG U300 is available in black, chameleon and orange colours, and comes with some good features to strike a decent balance between form and functionalities.

There is not much in the design of LG U300, but what is most noteworthy is the device's curves. When flipped closed, the sides and front of the LG U300 are curved downwards, with the bottom lip slightly exposed. This also contributes towards making the phone sleek and attractive. The LG U300 is one of the smallest 3G handsets available in the market. It measures just 96 x 49 x 21.9 mm and weighs only 93 grams.

At the front section there is an external monochrome display, sans any colours. It is capable of 96 x 64 pixels and quite good for displaying caller ID information, time, current profile and reception. On flipping the device, the LG U300 reveals a standard keypad with rounded, white backlit keys. The control keys of the handset are small though. Above the controls is a solid display. It is a colour TFT screen, capable of 256 thousand colours. It also offers good readability under direct sunlight.

The LG U300 comes with a 1.3 MP camera, mounted on a 180 degree rotatable hinge. Thus, it can be used for dual purpose: video calling, and taking photos. Also, the camera comes with many features, which include image resolutions ranging from 1280x960 to 96x96, 2x digital zoom, a self timer, exposure settings and white balance presets(Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Illuminate, Indoors).

The quality of the music player is top rated with full support when using the Bluetooth headset, which is included in the package. Multiple formats for the music player includes MP3, AAC, Enhanced AAC+, AMR and WMA.

Other highlight of this device includes 8 Mbytes Memory plus 128 Mbytes MicroSDâ„? Memory Card. For connectivity, the LG U300 comes with 3G, Bluetooth and USB. The handset offers tri-band network, 135 minutes for talking time and 220 hours of standby.