LG Shine - a Mesmerising Beauty

by : Raina Kelsey

The market of fashion mobile is becoming more and more fascinating with a passage time. Its
really a sight to behold, when a huge assortment of mobile phones deluge the market with their varied contours and design. At the same time, this deluge of fashion phones makes an ostensibly chaotic scenario, specially when one wants to choose. But one eye stopper in this market, is the LG Shine. The handset has stayed in the market for many months now, but seems like its popularity is not going to fade so soon.

LG shine is a tribute to style and substance. The handset that was released after the debut of LG chocolate, very well encapsulates the essence of a true LG phone, and further carries the reputation its predecessor .

LG Shine is aptly named so. The handset has a large TFT screen dominating the external fascia. And unlike anything seen before, this screen is very reflective. Looking at it, it feels like holding a mirror in hand. Quite an interesting designing here one must say. And if one has to scrore LG shine in terms of fashion mobile, this play with the screen sure makes the handset the winner of all. For this mirror like screen comes quite handy for over conscious women.

Further the handset comes covered in stainless steel casing. The finish of the casing is so fine and smooth, that it wraps the handset with a brilliant shine. One being opened, the LG shine reveals a very impressive keypad. The keypad is rather flat and looks like that of RAZR's. Again the keypad matches with the make of the device and evokes an incredible charm with its stainless steel coating.

The allure of LG Shine gets even further highlighted, when the phone is turned on. Beneath the exterior shining screen lays hidden the actual screen. Quite a surprise for the first time users of LG shine. This internal screen features a good interface, and has beautiful icons to make the appearance highly charming.

But LG shine is not only about looks, it has some brains as well. The handset features 2 Megapixels camera with auto focus, flash and a range of filters. Plus, there is an impressive Mp3 player, PhotoID, Bluetooth, Web and WAP browsing, document viewers (for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and PDF) and mobile email. LG shine also features a USB mass storage mode for file transfer.