LG Ku990 Also Known as LG Viewty

by : Samuel Herrick

The LG KU990 is one of the more popular camera phones that have captured the imagination of mobile phone users the world over. As a matter of fact, the LG KU990 is a 5.0 mega-pixel camera phone that is giving other manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson a run for their money. The Nokia N95, Samsung G600 and Sony Ericsson K850i are getting touch competition from the LG KU990.

The LG KU990, or the new LG Viewty as it is popularly called, is no less than any good quality digital camera any day. A large 3 inch touch screen display can be used to control the handset. Another unique feature of the LG KU990 is its capability to support YouTube video - this makes the experience of sharing video clips quite easy and hassle free.

The in-built 5.0 mega-pixel camera of the LG KU990 comes with a flash for low-light photography. There is also a zoom function that enables users to get the best shots - each time and every time. The handset can be used for video recording as well as video playback. One touch image stabilizer and autofocus ensures that people with a penchant for photography are not disappointed. The handset can be used to capture video clips at the rate of 120 frames per second. There is advanced software in the phone that makes this possible. One can use this software and the in-built stylus to edit the pictures that are taken.

The LG KU990 is a third generation (3G) mobile phone that can be used to browse the Internet and that too at very high speed. As a matter of fact, the speed of Internet access with the LG KU990 is broadband like. This 3G mobile phone can be used to know more about the latest news and updates - all at the click of a button. And the best part is the capability to make video calls. One can use the handset to speak with people who could be geographically quite far away; at the same time, one can even view the expression on the faces of their loved ones.

FM radio, an integrated MP3 player, Micro USB connectivity, PC synchronization, and Bluetooth compatibility are some of the other key features of the LG KU990.