LG C1200 Review - a Review of the LG C1200 Mobile Phone

by : Jonathan Baker

The first thing that most people notice upon laying eyes on the LG C1200 is the gloriously rich and shiny brick red color. While this alone makes this piece stand out in a crowd, there's certainly more to the C1200 than fabulously good looks. However, while the subject is being addressed, this clamshell type phone certainly has style to spare. Tiny in size, in only weighs 81.4 grams and measures 82 millimeters tall by 45 millimeters wide by 22.5 millimeters thick.

Still, the LG C1200 mobile phone proves that great things can come in small packages. With a battery that will last up to 200 hours on standby, it holds its own when compared to cell phones twice as large and four times as expensive. Also, the 16 polyphonic ringer delivers a sound quality that is definitely on par with many phones in its class.

The internal display screen shows 65,536 different colors and is an STN type that is 128 by 160 pixels in size. This fantastic screen can be used to display websites thanks to the WAP 2.0 browser that enables the user to surf the internet at his or her leisure. As a result, people who own the C1200 are never left out of the loop when it comes to sports scores, weather or potential stock trading opportunities.

Speaking of being connected, the C1200 handset has never made it easier to send out text messages. The messaging function supports not only Multimedia Messaging Service but also SMS and EMS as well. Finally, optional accessories include a travel adapter, convenient carrying strap and portable hands free kit that is an invaluable asset to have while driving through traffic. When all things are considered, the LG C1200 is a cellular phone that really outshines the competition in its class, both figuratively and literally!