LG U880 Review - a Review of the LG U880 Mobile Phone

by : Jonathan Baker

The LG U880 is lauded by the company as a Super Slim 3G Music Phone, but as flattering as that description is it doesn't do the device justice. Measuring in at only 18.2 millimeters thin, the clamshell style phone is far from anorexic when it comes to the features it has to offer. Plus, users will be delighted to find that friends and onlookers will be envious of the sleek and shiny all silver exterior.

As for the LG U880's music features, it does way more than just play music. With a 75 megabyte internal memory to hold everything in, the phone supports MP3 and the higher quality AAC files, as well as WAV and MPEG 4 video formats as well. Videos can be taken with the phone or downloaded from a computer and shown on the massive 2.0 inch, 262,000 color TFT LCD internal display. The external display isn't anything to snub, either. It features a 1.17 inch 65,000 color TFT screen that can show pictures in amazing detail.

Besides featuring a killer video and music player, the U880 also has an amazing UMTX/GSM radio that can be heard over a powerful 3D surround stereo speaker. Since the phone has both a USB outlet and a TransFlash external memory, storing and saving all types of media files are a breeze. Also, the internal antenna is notoriously difficult to break, making this phone as durable as it is fun to play with.

For users who hate always having to hold the phone when they talk, the LG U880's BlueTooth technology will come in handy. Perfect for long conference calls to the office, the U880 also can send web based emails so that the owner is never out of reach or away from any action. All in all, this is a fantastic all around phone, no matter what potential buyers are looking for.