LG U8120 Review - a Review of the LG U8120 Cellular Phone

by : Jonathan Baker

The silver tone design of the LG U8120 gives it a sleeker, more modern feel than similar models that can be found in the LG cellular phone lineup. From the start, consumers know that this phone is something special, and once they flip open the headset and take a look at all of the features, gizmos and doodads that the U8120 has to offer they are anything but disappointed.

Touting world famous 3G technology, the LG U8120 boasts a 180 degree rotating digital camera that features two time digital zoom and six time continuous shooting. In addition to taking pictures, it also is capable of capturing short videos that can easily be sent to others via a text message or email.

The videos and pictures that are taken can be viewed on a massive 2.2 inch high resolution internal display that measures 176 by 220 pixels. This is complimented nicely by the smaller TFT LCD screen that can be found on the outside flip of the phone, measuring 96 by 64 pixels.

In addition to taking videos with the camera function, U8120 users can also use the screen to view movies that can be downloaded to the phone. Supporting both MPEG4 and 3GP file formats, there is plenty of room in the internal memory for all kinds of neat movie treats. On the music player side of the aisle, the U8120 certainly doesn't fall short. Capable of playing both MP3 and AAC files, users can rock out with the high quality headphones that come as an option with the phone.

If headphones aren't the owner's first choice, the powerful speakers on the LG U8120 handset won't leave anything to be desired. Capable of playing 64 individual notes at once, it rivals small home stereos. As an additional feature, music files can be set as ringtones and can be assigned to individual phone book entries or groups.