LG U8180 Review - a Review of the LG U8180 Mobile Phone

by : Jonathan Baker

While the LG U8180 is indeed as practical as the company advertises, it is also an extremely fun phone to own. In fact, once all of the features are tallied it's hard to imagine this being an everyday go to phone instead of a tiny technological treasure.

First of all, the LG U8180 is a very attractive flip style phone. With a silver hinge, black external antenna, perfectly sized 65,000 color exterior screen surrounded by silver (which is then framed in black), it will literally go with any outfit the user owns. Owners will be surprised to find that it isn't just a pretty package, but it also packed with a ton of features that will keep them busy during flight delays and layovers.

For example, the internal screen is large and shows 262,000 colors in all of their vibrant glory. This will come in handy when utilizing the video telephony feature, which lets users see the people they're talking to on the phone, in real time, as long as their phone is also compatible.

On top of that, the U8180 also has a built in music player that supports all popular file formats, including MP3 and AAC. Owners will enjoy the playlist function that allows them to organize their music as they see fit. When music isn't what they want, users can turn to the video player function that can keep them occupied for ages.

Best yet, all of the media can be enjoyed with the 64 polyphonic MIDI speakers that are astoundingly accurate and can compete with home stereo systems, albeit on a smaller scale. Additionally, thanks to WAP 2.0 technology, the internet is just a few clicks through the menu away. With the LG U8180, literally nothing is out of reach, including web based email, games, news, ringtones and games.