LG U400: Finest Companion of Music Lovers

by : caitlin

To make the navigation easy, the LG U400 comes with a scroll wheel. Shrouded in black colour and enticing blue frills, which really make it look cool. It is because of its funky looking style and compact appearance, the LG U400 does not look a fussy sort of gizmo, it is rather a pocket able mobile phone for the generation next, which loves music.

The LG U400 comes with a 2.0-megapixel camera, a microSD card slot, scroll-wheel navigation, TFT-LCD display, stereo speakers, and Bluetooth. Undoubtedly, all the right elements are there to make it a cool phone. Besides, there are other superb features such as a pair of stereo speakers, stereo Bluetooth connectivity, a 2 mega pixel camera, and a microSD memory card for extra space. Moreover, the LG U400 also endowed with the A2DP Bluetooth profile, which allows you to stream all your favourite music to any compatible headphones. The front of the LG U400 is loaded with a VGA camera specifically meant for video calling. Besides, listening to all your favourite tracks, you can also browse the web to get a whole lot of information.

You can also watch all your favourite music videos on LG U400's screen. However, the phone is packed up with enough memory, but you can easily increase it by using the microSD memory, which provides extra space for videos, music and photos.Easily connect your LG U400 to your PC and add more music and video files in the external memory card. Overall, the LG U400 is endowed with many happening features, which make it a very good modern phone, with loads of things to offer. Its looks are pretty funky, as the exterior is very well finished with black colour and addition of jog wheel, which makes it more like a iPod. So, keep rocking with your LG U400

By: caitlin