LG Kf700: With High-end Features

by : Jack Daniel

The LG KF700 is a slider mobile handset that comes with high-end features. The users could get attracted to the 3-inch touch screen with shortcut dial. Or, they could fall for the 3 megapixel camera, or maybe the 3G HSDPA capabilities of this amazing LG handset. As a matter of fact, the choices are quite endless. The best part is that a user-friendly interface and an ergonomic keypad of the handset would allow the users to experience all these and more with ease and comfort.

The highly attractive TFT screen of the phone is well suited for viewing multimedia content. To control the mobile phone features, users can use shortcut dial buttons or the slide out keypad. With the help of shortcut dial, users can control the phones built-in features without opening the handset.

An integrated camera option allows the user to capture still pictures as well as video clips on their LG KF700. The wide 3 Inch TFT colour touch screen works as a beautiful viewfinder. The advanced camera capabilities brighten up the images taken in darker surroundings. This built-in camera comes with a variety of image setting features. As a matter of fact, the video capabilities of the camera include a video stabilizer and video settings.

The multimedia handset is endowed with a music player that comes with advanced music options. Not only this, the FM radio allows the users to enjoy the programs of their favourite radio stations with excellent sound quality. The comprehensive messaging services such as SMS, MMS, e-mail and instant messaging allow the users to stay in touch.

The 3G enabled LG KF700 comes with built-in HSDPA technology that allows the users to enjoy high speed internet connectivity and multitasking capabilities as well. With the help of high-end connectivity options such as wireless Bluetooth and USB cabled connection, the users can share the lovely moments as well as enthralling music files instantly with other compatible devices. With a built-in WAP browser, the users can access the internet on their 3G phone at a high-speed.