LG Viewty Silver - the Ever Best Phone From LG

by : Raina Kelsey

The history of telecommunication has witnessed a revolution of sorts with the arrival of mobiles. The golden days of land phones are increasingly becoming a thing of the past. With the expansion of the market, many large electronic companies are entering this field. This has paved the way for heavy competition.

LG, the Korean electronic giant, made a late entry in to the world of mobiles. But it took just a short time for the company to grab a big space of the market. LG brought out a series of models which were really awesome in both features and looks. These devices paved way for the emergence of LG as one of the largest selling brands around the globe.

The new LG Viewty Silver is a 3G phone with high quality camera and imaging features. The handset is perfect for the users who have a leaning towards attractive gadgets. The fashion conscious phone with a touch screen comes in a solid design with no fancy opening and is comfortable to hold in hand. The easy to carry LG KU990 Viewty silver promises the users an excellent visual display on the 3 inch TFT LCD touch screen. The enticing gadget from LG is a 3G phone with a 5.1 megapixel digital camera feature. Thanks to the high-end camera, it becomes easy for the users to click impressive photos. The presence of Schneider Kreuznach lens, auto focus, image stabilizer and a xenon flash make it an elegant device. The Viewty carries dedicated camera buttons on the side that helps in the selection of specific settings. With its capacity to record at 120 frames per second, the Viewty Silver is one of the best options for recording of videos as well. One could also use it to click stunning photos.

The dream phone from LG provides an enticing musical experience through its built-in music player. The Viewty could become a perfect remedy for all those boring and dull moments that life inadvertently throws upon us. By playing different music formats, the users can be sure of remaining entertained in more ways than one. The gadget comes with an FM radio complete with RDS feature. The RDS feature allows the users to view information while listening to the radio stations of their choice. The chat shows, talk shows, information on weather and latest events can add sparkle to many a lonely moment.

The LG Viewty Silver comes with easy to access messaging services that helps the users in staying in contact with friends, family and business contacts. This 3G device provides an expandable internal memory of 100 MB. This memory option is more than adequate for storing songs, ringtones, videos, photos and data. This latest arrival from LG features HSDPA, Bluetooth wireless technology, EDGE technology and USB connection. With the support of the Bluetooth wireless technology, it can be connected to other devices that are Bluetooth compliant. This model from the lineage of the Korean giant also possesses the facility to browse the internet. The 3G HSDPA technology in the mobile makes the process of internet access quite easy and hassle-free. The broadband speed connection is available through a XHTML browser.