The LG Kf510: a Straight Review

by : Mark Hirst

The LG KF510 is the successor of the LG shine or chocolate mobile phone concept. The KF510 mobile phone belongs to the mid-range position which is between the Shine phone model and the LG KF750 Black Label mobile phone.?? ?

The KF510 mobile phone comes in a slider form. It is very slim which makes it look rather attractive. It has a fully metallic casing that includes the back lid. The LG KF510 phone is designed in a uniquely compact and very smart way. With the use of a tiny pull out tray, the slot for the SIM card is hidden right below the battery and also, the slot for the memory card is positioned in the upper side of the SIM card slot which makes it compact. Changing the SIM card however takes a very complicated process. But there is a 4 step provided instruction printed on the case on how to pull the SIM card out.

On its keypad, there are specific buttons that manages the LG KF510 features like the mp3 player, keypad lock, camera launch, volume scroll and power controls. It only takes one click on a button to launch the music player. Also, clicking the camera button twice will unblock the keypad which makes it easier to operate. One interesting feature of the LG KF510 mobile phone is the touch sensor plate. It will react to every press on the key which then emit swirls of colors. This is due to the vibration feedback system.

The LG KF510 phone's menu comes with a very traditional 12 icons and lists. The menu is similar on most of the LG phones. It is very easy to use and very logical. The only difference would be is the positioning of the items on the menu. The mobile phone's date and time is displayed in huge and fashionable letters which is combined with a 3D effect.

The LG KF510 mobile phone's design makes it very interesting. Overall, this phone without a doubt fits the desired market perfectly.