Create a Sensation With Your Lg Secret

by : Mark Hirst

The LG Secret is the secret to your happiness because it gives you a lot of benefits without much trouble. First of all, this mobile phone will alter your appearance totally as the sleek sliding black model is designed to get you appreciative glances. As hard as it is to digest the fact that such a fashionable model can be very durable, it is true because of its carbon fiber body - a material used in the manufacturing of aircrafts and space. So you need not doubt about the durability of the phone.

The touch screen and the neon navigation facilities enable you to move easily and the automatic light settings are a great advantage to let you check your contents under any conditions. The LG Secret's sleek trendy look is accentuated with a scratch resistant glass screen which has been hardened to tolerate forceful impacts thus giving you an opportunity to flaunt your new possession with style. Now let us come to the features that will zap you totally.

It comes with a 5 megapixel camera that is meant for premium quality pictures and video shoots. It has the capacity to record videos at high pace. That's not all. The video call camera has been installed to allow you to make video calls also. The LG Secret has an inbuilt music player that supports number of file formats such as WMA, AAC and MP3. It has 100 MB internal memory but this can be upgraded to 4 GB with the help of the micro SD memory cards.

The LG Secret never lets you down. If you are far away from you PC and need to access any Microsoft documents like Word, Excel or Power Point, the LG Secret is your savior. It even allows you to use the internet with the help of its WAP browser and view YouTube Videos. This phone helps you to get you connected to your FM radio stations while you are on the move. It also gives you immense enjoyment when you play your games and brings in higher interactivity with the tilting or rotating of the phone.