Lg Secret: a Secret not to be Told to Anyone

by : Mark Hirst

The market is overflowing with mobile phones and each company is adding new features and upgrading their technology to be the latest trendsetters. As we all know mobile phones have become synonymous with fashion. Advanced features, sleek designs, robust functioning are the prerogatives of the mobile industry. Gone are the days when you had to compromise on the features if you wanted stylish looking models, or when you had to overlook the appearance for the functionality. Today is a world of all the combinations in a complete package deal.

Now, without much ado and without causing further agony to your wait, we shall reveal a secret The LG KGF750 or nicknamed the LG Secret is the secret that we are dying to reveal to everybody. This is the latest model of the LG black label series which will be adored by everyone. The most important part of being a proud mobile owner is in having a stylish looking phone. The LG Secret is a slider phone with a glossy smooth black body and a silver trim and looks classy and trendy.

Don't think that just the outside is impressive. If you come to know what the inside holds you would want to go to the mobile store to grab one for yourself, or start rummaging through Google to find more details. Well, here are the features. The LG Secret has a screen made of tempered glass which is scratch resistant and the body is made of carbon fiber which will not make you wince in case it falls out of your grip. The body material makes the phone much lighter also. The screen is sensitive to your touch having neon navigation.

The LG Secret has a 5 megapixel camera which has auto focus capabilities. It also has photo editing features and also adjusts the light automatically and can be auto rotated also. It has an inbuilt player which supports all media formats. It comes with an FM too to help you listen to your favorite programs when moving. The LG Secret comes with 100 MB of memory which can be upgraded to 4 GB. You can even access your internet while checking the Microsoft documents.