Femtocell and Mobile Phones?

by : David Collins

Femtocell technology is more frequently associated with the world of the Internet.

Femtocell technology uses a central access point to transmit wireless signals, which are then picked up by routers within the transmission area, giving broadband users the potential for faster connections and crystal clear internet phone calls.

The wireless technology is currently being used in areas such as housing developments and a multitude of electrical equipment - such as televisions and internet routers - are able to pick up signals with almost no interference.

As such equipment gets more advanced, along with the rising popularity of internet television, the opportunity for femtocell technology in future could help us experience faster internet access, sharper internet television images and clearer phone calls.

Indeed, femtocell technology could soon be extending to mobile phones. For years we've had to deal with crackling lines and no reception at times, but femtocell technology could spell the end of such annoyances.

For many of us who own mobile phones, the frustration of losing signal in the middle of a conversation could soon be over.

Providers are looking into the new technology and areas susceptible to poor reception - including shopping malls - could benefit from this addition of technology.

The idea of extending technology associated with broadband over to mobile phones could be welcomed by users of both services.

It is likely that such schemes would include a special transmitter, which would be about the same size as a broadband router. These could be set up in households, with the main hubs within a local area - potentially being able to provide crystal clear phone calls, as well as faster mobile internet access to more users.