Qwerty Keyboard

by : John Gray

Nokia have finally announced the E71, their QWERTY keyboard Symbian phone.? The specs had been leaked a while ago - but here are the full features and specifications.

The Nokia E71 is an upgrade to the E61i, it is a more compact and faster version of it's predecessor - but sadly the compacting has made the screen smaller and keyboard slightly cramped.

It does make up for the smaller screen with a host of great features, such as the 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash and A-GPS is in built with the basic functionality of Nokia maps for free (full functionality is available for a fee).

The Noki a E71 is a HSDPA handset and should allow for a maximum download speed of 3.6mbps where supported.? There is also Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and EDGE connections.

For the business people among you the Nokia E71 has the usual smartphone applications and features such as push email, a document viewer and office applications.? While those who are looking for a little more fun should find it in the form of the multimedia player.

The Nokia E71 is a compact phone, and much smaller than its predecessor - however the size could have made the keys a little too cramped to be used with comfort and the screen is quite small.? With many new smartphone trying to compete with the new 3G iPhone it is possibly going to hinder the Nokia E71 that it has such a small screen and is lacking a touchscreen.

If the Nokia E71 is your kind of thing then look out for it in July 2007 in either Grey Steel or White Steel colours.