Teenagers and Cell Phones

by : sue webster

My daughter has a cell phone. She received the coveted item when she turned fifteen years old. I probably would have been better off giving it to her when she was younger, but something told me that she should be older before she gets a cell. She probably would have used it less when she was around eleven or twelve, but she has it now and for the most part she is responsible with it.

The reason my daughter is responsible with her phone is because she loves it. Recommendations to parents, who are considering a cell phone for their teen, get the unlimited text package. It is well worth the extra price on your monthly bill. The amount that kids today text each other is absolutely amazing. But getting back to my responsible daughter. She loves that phone and she is very clear that if she abuses the phone or me she will lose it. She has only lost it once so far, for hanging up on me and telling me she didn't hang up she just 'pressed the end button.' That one time was enough for her. She has never hung up the phone on me since or even 'pressed the button.'

I have noticed that today's youth is not as connected personally as I was when I was a teen. I used to meet with my friends and actually see them when we spoke. My daughter on the other hand is in touch with her friends, but through the computer and her cell phone. She is texting from the moment she is up in the morning until she is getting ready for bed at night. All this texting and very little face-to-face communication worries me a little bit. Will she be able to develop the social skills necessary to meet and talk with potential employers, business clients and anyone else that an in person meeting is necessary?

I am happy to provide my daughter with a cell phone. She is proving to me that she is responsible and disciplined enough to handle the use of the cell phone. While there may be concerns about the overuse of cell phones by teenagers today, it is just something that comes with a technologically advancing society. And it has the added advantage of being able to communicate with her whenever I have to. Parents of teens with cell phones will have to learn to stay current with the advancements in technology just to keep up with their children. It is a wise investment for the peace of mind it provides. I know how to contact my daughter anytime I wish.