Mobile Phone Contracts: Whatever You Need

by : David Webster

What are the latest mobile phones that are causing a craze in the United Kingdom? According to CNET in the UK, among the hottest and most popular models are the Nokia N95 and Sony Ericsson W910i. It isn't a wonder, because these phones, among dozens of other popular finds, have tons of features that can keep up with any Brits fast-paced lifestyle.

However, when it comes to mobile phone usage and subscription plans in the UK, is the phone model or unit the only thing to be considered? Surely this should not be the case, especially if you are one who is conscious about money matters. Although there are dozens of available mobile phone contracts for the public to choose from, whether it is from Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile, 3, or O2, not many users have been found to choose wisely. This leaves them with a huge monthly phone bill because of charges on excess call minutes or text messages. When the BBC reported on a marketing survey on UK phone users, a significant number of respondents have no idea how many call minutes or SMS messages are free in their plans.

It is not that hard to choose phone deals that can be friendly to your wallet, as well as meet your needs as a busy member of modern society. Orange, Vodafone, and all the other mentioned mobile service providers are now releasing great offers for those who want to make the most out of the convenience of their mobile phones. The great thing about it is that you can pick one that is most applicable to your monthly budget. With as little as ?20 or more, you can have a mobile phone line rented for yourself. If you don't want to get tied up for a year to 18 months on a contract, you can opt for pre-paid or pay per month subscriptions. This means you only get to pay for the minutes or texts you use.

What's more, is that these major phone network service providers let you choose from a wide range of new and innovative mobile phone models. Some of them can be yours for free, inclusive of a 12 to 18 months mobile phone tariff. You may also check out models that can be bought on installment, or at a discount if you order an extension for a family member.