Make Wiser Choices on Mobile Phone Tariffs

by : David Webster

Here is a fast fact: there are 65 million or more mobile phone users living in the United Kingdom as of January 2008. This input was provided by a marketing report by the British Broadcasting Corporation, also known as BBC. From that same BBC news story, there are billions of pounds wasted every year by mobile phone users. Why is this so, you may ask? It is because UK citizens spend too much on mobile phone tariffs, such that they don't use up all their minutes, or that they overshoot the allotted minutes for the month.

You probably already know about Vodafone, Orange, O2, T-Mobile, or 3. These companies earn billions per year from the subscriptions alone. The age group of 22 to 29 year olds in the UK is the highest revenue provider, since they are the ones who commonly subscribe to phone tariffs. Here is a tip: don't be taken away by colorful and famous advertisements when choosing a phone plan. You must pick one that suits your needs best, whether you are looking for a generous number of minutes, or you simply want to text as many people as you like per month.

When you get your monthly bills in your mailbox, you should not get shocked by such an outrageous amount. This probably happened because you used up so many minutes, and now you are shown the excess charges. When it comes to mobile phones uk users tend to go beyond their budget. From that same BBC report, it stated that a lot of Brits are totally clueless as to how many free text messages or minutes they have on their monthly tariffs. Don't make the same mistake as they have. Monitor the number of calls you make per month. If somehow you determine that your subscription offers too few minutes, then you can consider upgrading to a higher tariff than before.

Don't get carried away by the mobile phone offers by the companies. Yes, it may be really cool to get your hands on the Nokia N95 8GB edition, but think about how much additional you spend per month paying the installments for the handset, on top of your monthly subscription fee. You can always find a plan from Orange, Vodafone, O2, and others with free mobile phone units when you sign up for a 12 to 18 month subscription. Still, you get great selections from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, and more.