Descriptions of Some Mobile Phone Tariffs

by : David Webster

There are more than 65 million mobile phone users in the UK as of January 2008. From those statistics, one can easily conclude then when it comes to mobile phones uk citizens consider them as a must-have. Below are a summary of what some of the biggest and most popular mobile service providers in the UK are offering. Check them so you can have a fair idea of what's in store for you should you choose to sign up as a subscriber to mobile phone tariffs.

O2 is among the most subscribed to companies as of this date. If you are thinking about signing up, determine first if you want a pay as you go plan or a pay per month plan. If you want a subscription plan with a billing, you can select from 12 months to 18 months. O2 offers phone tariffs starting as low as ?30 a month to as high as ?80 a month. You can make calls and send messages to other O2 users or even to other networks. You may also have 100KB or more of WAP browsing per month.

If you feel a little more colorful, you can also opt to sign up to Orange Mobile. This company offers tons of great deals and equally popular handsets. Most users on Orange like to download songs, ring tones, news, pictures, and games straight to their mobile phones. Orange denotes their plans using animal names. Dolphin is the most affordable one, followed by Raccoon, Canary, and Panther, which is priced for business minded users. Subscriptions range from ?25 to ?75 a month.

Vodafone is another popular choice for UK mobile phone fanatics, and the brand name even is reputable in other countries in Europe. You may also choose 12 month or 18 month contracts from Vodafone, starting as low as ?20 per month to ?50. You also receive the Vodafone passport along with your call minutes and text messages. The passport allows you to enjoy features such as mobile web browsing, apps and games downloads, music, news, and many more.

These are only some of the mobile phone service providers you can check out if you're interested to sign up for a subscription of your own. Keep in mind that you must consider your budget per month, and that you make sure you use your call minutes and texts wisely.