Mobile Phones - Tracking Systems

by : David Collins

We keep joking about 'Big Brother' watching us, it seems that wherever we go we are either caught on camera or have someone knowing every little detail about us.

Indeed, now it is parents who have now have access to GPS-style technology that allows them to check where their children are, without having to phone up and ask them.

With children now having access to cheap mobile phones from an early age, many are now using the popularity of mobile phones on the playground in order to ensure that their children are there in the first place.

By making use of their mobile phones and paying a small monthly fee to one of many different services available, it's now possible to identify the last known position of their phones, and indeed the child.

There are many companies out there offering such services, both for contract and pay as you go mobile phones. And such services can be useful for parents who want that little extra piece of mind when it comes to knowing where their children are.

Upon request of the registered account holder, usually through a unique ID on the website itself, it is possible to track mobile phones using a credit system in order find out the last known location of the handset.

If there is a mobile phone mast in close proximity, the position of the handset is calculated through receivers on the mast, then shown on an Ordnance Survey-style map on your computer screen, showing where the handset was last located.

For some this can be a welcome alternative, as for some (especially teenagers) there's nothing worse than having your parents call to check on you when you're out with your mates - even if they mean well.