Brodit in Car, Easiest and Stylish Systems

by : Carol

The Brodit in car holder and Brodit in car mount is the most effective not to mention stylish way of securing your device in place in the car. There are many different options to choose when it comes to the placement of the device, although this will to some extend depend on the type of vehicle you are driving. Usual placements for the holder include the dashboard mount; this can either be to the left or right of the steering wheel and usually clips over the air vent. Other options are up on the dashboard by the side of the windscreen and on the centre of the console.

Of course the placement will also take into account the type of device you wish to install in your car. A huge range of devices are supported by this system including the Brodit in car cradle for your mobile phone, PDA, MP3 player, video monitor, console, Sat-Nav and multimedia device.

The majority of Sat-Nav devices will be clipped over the air vent at either the right or left hand side of the steering wheel. This allows you to see the screen of the device easily and also allows you to alter the direction if the sun happens to be falling onto the screen. The same would apply to such as mobile phones, PDAs and MP3 players. If your device is heavy on batteries then you could also consider the in car holder that allows you to secure your device while at the same time charging the battery. This is easy to achieve by choosing an active car holder with the cigarette lighter attachment. This is one of the easiest ways of charging in car as the holder is tailor made for your specific device it will attach to the bottom of the device when it is cradled and begins charging immediately. You can also choose the option of the passive holder and also use a cigarette lighter cable which you would have to plug into the car and also your PDA or mobile phone for charging.

If you are lucky enough to have a video monitor or multimedia device such as a tablet PC then the passengers in the back seat can make the most of these on long journeys. If installing one of these you have the options of using the front passenger headrest and mounting them on there. Alternatively you can choose to use the Brodit mount which has a swivel arm that comes from the backseat headrest and swivels out into the middle of both seats. This can be extremely useful when you have a full backseat and would avoid squabbles over who can and cannot see the screen of the multimedia device. You cold also choose to install the multimedia screen on the console between the front seats for easy viewing.

All systems from Brodit are installed quickly without the need for drilling holes and fit perfectly with the interior of the car. When you leave your car you are able to just slide your device away from the holder which remains in place until needed again.