When A Stranger Calls Hang Up

by : DeWayne H. Strickland

Get ready for the cell phone thriller, that will leave you with unpaid minutes! This movie will make you scream so hard, that you paid to watch it, your blood will boil! Are there good points to this movie? Sure! Lets take a close look at them.

First off, you have a promising cast of actors, that are almost complete unknowns. This movie will remind you of what happens when you go over your minutes and how annoying it is when you call someone that is out of range.

Jill(Camilla Belle) is very attractive and learns a good lesson. She learns that baby sitting is very dangerous in a beautiful home. Tiffiany (Katie Cassidy) is a very hot blonde and I about started crying when I found out, that she was David Cassidy's daughter! Remember the song, "I Think I Love You"? by David Cassidy. It is a classic song, but this movie seems to leave much to be desired. Far from the original classic!

There is no doubt, that the original movie brought more to character development, then this cheap script. Have you ever had a stranger call you? Was it a wrong number? Have you been stalked? Did you just hang up? We cannot live without a cell phone today! Do you have a back up phone if yours goes dead? When A Stranger Calls hang up!

If you take Jill(Camilla Belle) and Tiffiany(Kaite Cassidy), alone in a beautiful house, having a pillow fight in their underwear, then this movie might have a chance. The start of the movie keeps you wondering and the lack of information on the serial killer, kills the movie! It hurts to see a movie that is so predictable! When A Stranger Calls Hang Up!

With 'all' these remakes, will Hollywood ever get it right! This movie needed more of a Hannibal lector touch. It needed a movie like, "Seven"! Where the serial killer brings you in and entices you, wondering what he will do next! I cannot even call this movie a cat and mouse game! She did not have to run over to the other house to see if someone is there. That was a stupid move right there! I lost count of all the stupid moves, Jill(Camilla Belle) made in this movie!

If a stranger was calling you and you called the cops, what do you think would happen? I know if a cop told me to stay put and see what happens, I would find another baby sitting job fast! I would be calling my friends and parents! I would literally get out of the house! How fast would the cops really get there? The serial killer had plenty of time to kill her, before the cops made it! When someone says, "check the children", then I am checking out!

It would have been awesome, if she hid the kids and lured the serial killer to the atrium garden(where you see the water spraying) and ever so gently, she pushes him into the water. As he is in the water, she could have thrown an electrical unit(radio, hair dryer, toaster ect...) into the water and watched as he jumped for joy! I know this idea may sound crazy, but she could have done more!

The movie did have some entertainment value, and Tiffiany (Kaite Cassidy) was worth watching. The house was beautiful and gives you exciting ideas for building a luxurious home. Just picture, the lights coming on as you walk into each room. I would say a home on the water front, would be splendid. Oh and one more thing! Don't you love caller I.D!