Pink Mobile Phones: the Appeal of Colour

by : Samuel Herrick

The colour pink has its own intrinsic appeal. Many people prefer this colour over other hues and opt for gadgets that come in this very attractive shade. From young women in their teenage years to college going kids wanting to show off their attitude, this colour finds favour among many people - from both the sexes. However, according to popular belief, this colour is a favourite among young women, who can identify with it. The pint is that pink is a shade which is very much in demand in the current context.

To make the most of this demand for everything pink, the leading handset manufacturers are doing all that it takes to convert this craze for pink into increased sales. They are designing and developing pink mobile phones to make the most of the increased demand for the same.

The BlackBerry Pearl 8110 is one such candy bar phone that comes in this very shade. One could compare this highly sophisticated gadget to a multimedia computer or a business phone. The inherent capabilities of the 8110 make such a comparison possible. With a large colour screen, QWERTY keyboard, and trackball navigation, this pink handset is as good as it can get. The device is GPS enabled and compatible with quad-band technology. In addition, a music player, a 3 megapixel camera and Java games make the Pearl from BlackBerry stand out among competition.

Thus, one could say that pink mobile phones are also very much innovative and useful. One can use them for quite a bit more than just flaunting them in front of friends, colleagues and family members. Some of the most innovative handsets are available in this shade, and the users of these gadgets can pick and choose the specific model depending on his personal tastes and preferences.

And the best part is the availability of attractive deals and offers on these models. Leading service providers in the UK for instance are offering some very lucrative deals in the use of the pink mobile phones. Free line rentals for specified periods, free minutes as well as texts, make these offers very much interesting.