Reach for the Sky-pe!

by : John Gray

Today, Friday 25th April 2008 Skype have released a Beta version of their popular Skype application for your mobile phone. So you will have access to free Skype calling on the move. This beta version of the successful VoIP application will currently work with around 50 popular Java enabled mobile phones including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and Motorola mobile phones.

Previously Skype has only been available on smartphones, those mobiles with Windows Mobile installed and more recently it has become a feature on many 3 mobile phones.

The new Skype for Mobiles will allow those who have downloaded the application to use the following features including: chat, group chat, presence (which lets you see who of your contacts is online) and receiving SkypeIn calls (calls from landline or mobile to Skype). The United Kingdom along with seven other chosen countries will have Skype-to-Skype and SkypeOut calls (which allow you to call mobiles or landlines from Skype).

Skype is using the Beta version in order to gain consumer feedback from the tech savvy users, consumers will be able to contact Skype to let it know about any flaws or problems in the downloaded version. This means that there will be some tweaks to the service before it is commercially released. It is expected that the Beta testing stage will last for a few months.

Skype for mobiles is still in its early stages, but it does add to the portfolio of Skype products such as the Skypephone and Skype for Windows Mobiles.