The Varying Specifications of N96 According to the Country

by : Mark Hirst

Though many specifications for N96 are given in the official website of Nokia, the availability of the product along with its other features solely depends on the area you look out for and your service providers. Thus, it is completely necessary to have a word with your service provider and be in touch with them for the updates, alerts and the availability of the specifications. The settings for the photography can be changed according to the scene, flash, sequence, color, exposure to compensation, guides and white balance. The changes to these products and product codes are always possible without prior notice to any of the customers. The offering of the application may also vary. And the video capacity is based on H.264 768-kbps video at 320-by-240 resolution which is combined with a 96 kbps AAC audio facility. The present availability of 16GB dynamic memory is the available memory and which is been shared between the functions of the dynamic memory. When any of the functions of this dynamic memory are used, there is less memory space been left out for the other functions to perform as they also completely depend on the dynamic memory alone. The downloadable music capacity is just based on 3.45 min per track and the eAAC+ encoding of 48 kbps and the capacity of 128 kbps AAC encoding is approximately up to a limit of 12,000 songs. The live television option comes with the DVB-H capable broadcast television. The DVB-H based mobile television is available with the internal antenna. The Nokia music store will also vary according to the country and the region. The FM radio along with stereo which will support for the RDS, visual radio and the FM radio can be used in the offline mode also. The handset has a facility of internet radio too.