Mobile Ringtones and Their Effect on Musicians

by : Michael Thomson

Mobile ringtones are among the most sophisticated strings of sound ever produced in the history of music and have a considerable effect on musicians. We will aim at establishing a connection between major effects of mobile ringtones on musicians no matter they are amateurs or professionals.

First, we should try to understand the complexity of mobile ringtones. Those sequences of sounds consist of many notes that coordinate the connections between sound marks and their durations. Thus, composing a high quality mobile ringtone is never an easy task, which requires patience and hard work for musicians.

At the beginning, an outline of the mobile ringtone desired is sketched so that its composition can be handled with ease in the production phase. After this period is over, it comes to musician's genuine effort to take the ringtone one step up. To do this, musicians should have a broad understanding of composing ringtones for mobile devices, which is somewhat different from other means of composing a song.

The main difference is that mobile ringtones should not include heavy tones and be as short as possible. Considering a heavy metal song of 6 minutes of playing time, it is a waste of time to convert this into a mobile ringtone without altering it considerably. What has to be taken care of is the length of the sequence, which must be cut down within rational criteria.

Having completed our discussion about the major differences between ordinary songs and mobile ringtones, let us shift our attention to the major effects of mobile ringtones on musicians. Have you ever thought how musicians evaluate the ringtones they have already composed? We will look at this question and try to answer it.

After the production phase is over, a musician can come to analyze the sounds and its tones in the sequence s/he created. This period is also known as post-production phase, which aims at outlining the characteristics of sequences and help understand the composing style of the musicians to some extent, if not fully. Throughout the short history of mobile ringtones, there have been many occurrences that prove musicians are affected from ringtones they have composed earlier and change their styles a bit to create better ones in their upcoming works. This is a remarkable point since at first it may seem that mobile ringtones cannot have an effect on the style of music makers. However, as outlined above, just the opposite is true and these "little sequences" do have a dramatic effect on musicians.

Then, how come are musicians trying to compose both ordinary songs and mobile ringtones in conjunction? The answer to this question is purely the instinct of musicians towards new ways to generate sound sequences. There is no limit to the creativity of an artist, so it is irrational to suspect the capabilities of a musician here.

Mobile ringtones, even though they look like a tiny part of the mobile industry, have a great impact on the entire community by their effects on musicians to better analyze their skills and capture related ideas as to how to sharpen their creativity level. At the end, it is noteworthy that the effects of mobile ringtones on professional musicians cause the whole music world to alter itself to replace with a much better environment.