Whats Hot on 3 Mobile Today?

by : David Webster

Everywhere in the world, whoever you may be, it is clear that we need something fun and exciting to help us through our daily routines. Thanks to the ever-innovative mobile phones, wherever we go, we can have fun right at the palm of our hands.

According to the United Kingdom National Statistics office, in 2003, 75% of adults in the U.K. seem to think the same way and this percentage comprises teenagers at most. It just makes sense since the young adults are the ones always on the look for new and trendy gadgets. Still, the UK population will not stay away from the mobile phone craze. Actually, there were already 45 million mobile phone users in the U.K. by 2005. In the same year, 3 mobile, a company leading in providing mobile phone services such as 3G gained 4 million U.K. subscribers.

It was in March 3, 2003 that 3 mobile was launched. However, this was not their official name. It was Hutchison 3G UK Limited. Not only does this provide 3G services in U.K., but it also provides services in other parts of Europe.

The primary phone line-ups of 2008 are the Nokia N95 8gb edition, the Nokia 6500 Slide and Sony Ericsson phones like the K800i, K850i and K770i which are known for its Cyber-Shot camera. Needless to say, these are the 3 of the hottest phones to come out in 2008. Moreover, 3 also supports handsets from Skypephone. Skype is actually a computer program where it allows a user to call another computer user. Skype has ventured into the mobile phone business and now allows calls from PC to handset and vice versa. And the calls are free of charge. Other mobile brands supported by 3 are LG, orange phone, T-Mobile, Motorola, Samsung, Blackberry and many others.

Aside from the handset offers, 3 mobile also provides subscription plans to the customer's advantage. Their popular subscription plan is the X-series where you can maximize the functions of your mobile phone. Not only can you make voice calls and send SMS messages, but you can also use its video function as a TV player or connect to the internet using your 3 phones. The X-series subscription plan supports eBay shopping, MSN Live Messenger, Yahoo Search and Skype calls. There are also different business and personal subscriptions plans available. These plans vary in the number of minutes and free SMS messages. There is even a part in 3's website where they will match you with a mobile phone and plan that will be just right for you. Additional services from 3 include broadband services, online music stores, news and sports updates, downloadable games and many more. Surely, subscribers are in for a treat.