Mobile Phone Ringtones Annoying or Fun, You Decide

by : Dru Peacock

There are several different types of mobile phone ringtones; first you had monotone ringtones, which were pretty boring. Although it didn't take long before people started customizing them. Then along came polyphonic ringtones, these use many different tones and sound much more like music.

However now there are real music ringtones, polyphonic ringtones might sound good but these real music ringtones sound amazing! They sound just like the music itself.

It is actually pretty easy to find cool ringtones on the Internet, you should be able to search for them and download them cheaply, if not free. Also if you are into music then it's possible to compose your own.

There are literally thousands of different ringtones for you to select from, you can get all of the latest songs as ringtones, but you can also get older ones.

Ringtones are a big business and they've gone out of their way to make sure that there is something to suit everyone. I'm sure you remember the good old crazy frog ringtone, while that was the most annoying and irritating ringtone I have ever heard it must of made a fortune! This is an example of funny ringtones and how profitable they can be.

So where can you go to get these ringtones? Well for a start you can try searching on the Internet, there are hundreds of different websites that will be able to help you out. Also depending on your phone you may be able to set a MIDI or even an MP3 file as a ring tone, which makes it super easy!

Loads of people may have the same phone as you, however you can make it different by customizing your ringtone and pictures! Everybody wants that little bit of individuality, especially in this mass produced world!

One word of warning, when downloading ringtones make sure you are not unwittingly signing up to any membership program which will cost you so much money per month, as this could become very expensive. As long as you keep your wits about you then you should be fine!

Another popular craze at the moment is novelty answer phone messages, you can download these messages from celebrity imitators and put them as your answer phone greeting! It's sure to get a great response.

There are so many different new and exciting ways for you to customize your phone that you should be able to make your mobile phone look completely unique!