Reverse Phone Number Lookup - Becoming a Phone Detective

by : Jonathan Drake

Why would anyone use a reverse phone number lookup directory? Why would you want to see who a number belongs to? Think about that for a minute, and you may see why it could be useful. Perhaps you have a teenage daughter and your phone rings late in the night but when you go to the trouble of answering it, they hang up. Perhaps you were expecting an important call and want to know if that call you missed was the expected caller but don't want to call and ask directly. Perhaps your spouse gets a lot of calls and acts very secretive about them or perhaps you find a lot of late night calls on his or her cell phone call history. Wouldn't you like to know who the caller is and where they live? Of course you would. That is where a reverse phone number lookup comes in

Before the popularity of cell phones it was easy to find out who was on the other end of the line. Land line residential and business phone numbers can be looked up either in a regular phone book or a reverse number lookup directory. For cell phones there is no phone book because the cell phone companies are expected to guard their customer name and number lists.

Like I said cellular companies are "expected" to guard your information but for the right price they will give out customer info to a reverse number lookup directory service provider. Reverse phone number lookup services pay a fee to the cell phone provider for access to their name and number databases. The service will normally charge a small one time fee that gives you unlimited access to their service.

I have seen many free sites advertised for reverse phone lookup directories but unfortunately none of them are ever free. After you click through several pages of ads on the website, you will find out that they are either not free or that they only lookup land line numbers. You want to bes sure that the service you go with has a complete, accurate, and up to date reverse cell phone directory. Be sure to also look for a 100% money back guarantee.

Before you pay for a reverse phone number lookup service however, I recommend you find one that offers a free initial search that tells you if they do have information on the number in question. That way you don't waste time going through the irritating process of requesting a refund.