On the Move with Mobile Phones

by : Lijo George

The mobile phone is the most popular form of portable electronic communications device used in the world today. From business tycoons to grade school children whose parents want to be able to keep better track of their kids, mobile phones are a relatively inexpensive, convenient and quick method of communication.


Mobile phones offer a wealth of features, many of which are standard. When purchasing a new phone, you have many options to choose from depending on what features you prefer. These include:

* Text messaging
* Instant messaging
* E-mail
* Internet access
* Sending/ receiving photos
* Sending/receiving videos
* Hands-free capability
* Music playback
* Personal organizers
* Built-in cameras
* Games

Mobile Software:

Did you know that there is mobile software available for you to add the same personal touches and unique qualities to your mobile phone as you can with your desktop computer?

This software is often already loaded onto your cell phone prior to purchasing, although additional software can be purchased to add extra features to your phone's capabilities. Options such as ringtones, wallpapers and themes all utilize mobile software to allow you to customize your phone in any way you choose.


Ringtones alert you to an incoming call or message. Today's ringtones are encoded with high fidelity formatting which allows you to download excerpts from songs or create your own unique ringtone.

There are three main ways to obtain ringtones for your mobile phone:

* Provider web sites: Providers usually have a site you can go to for downloading ringtones onto your phone. This is the best option because they make it clear which ringtones are compatible with your phone.
* Third party web sites :There are an over abundance of web sites out there that have ringtones for consumers to download. A word of caution be sure the ringtone you choose will work with your particular phone before downloading. Also, be sure that no copyrights have been infringed on by the site. Copyright laws forbid these sites from distributing excerpts from musical artists' songs without permission.
* Create your own : Many mobile phones are equipped with software that allows you to compose your own tones with the touch of a few buttons. Another option is to download software onto your computer that allows you to create your own tones and then load them onto your phone.

So, why are there so many choices for ringtones available today? Because they're fun and they allow you to be able to put a distinctive sound on your phone.

Wallpapers :

Wallpapers are another development in customizing mobile phones that allow you to place just about any image, design, photo or logo onto your phone. They are basically graphics that are formatted to fit your phone screen.

Mobile phone wallpapers are another fun way for you to individualize your phone to reflect your personality.

Themes :

Do you have a favorite television show, movie, or slogan? Or maybe you run your own business and would like to not only have your company logo as your wallpaper, but have your company's promotional jingle downloaded onto your phone as another means of advertising. These are examples of themes that you can download onto your mobile phone.

There are so many options available for mobile phones users, the prospects are endless. As new technology develops and manufacturers continue to compete for their claim to the best product out there, your choices will continue to grow as well. Be sure to do your homework and research the mobile phone products and services available by asking a lot of questions and reading reviews.

Reviews :

Consumer reviews are in place for your protection. Every product in existence has some type of consumer review that can be readily found on the internet. The key when searching for this information is to find reputable review providers that offer honest, unbiased and up-to-date information. What aspects of your prospective phone do you need to read reviews on? Aside from ringtones, wallpapers and themes that are available for your particular model of mobile phone, there are other features and functions that you should research before making a purchase.

* Data cards
* Hands-free headsets and accessories
* Phone accessories
* Service providers
* Insurance
* Manufacturers
* Games
* Storage
* Software
* Networks
* Storage
* Tariffs
* Unlocking services

Mobile phones are convenient, inexpensive and just plain fun to own. They provide a connection with the rest of the world, as well as a sense of safety and security for you and your family at a relatively minimal cost.