Mobile on a Budget?

by : John Gray

There are many people out there who are looking for a mobile phone contract that will not allow them to run up a huge bill. These are usually parents who are being pestered by their children for a mobile, or those on a strict budget. Now while you can set a limit on a contract mobile it is not very accurate and you can go well over the limit before you even realise it, and are left with a big bill at the end of the month.

T-Mobile have possibly found the solution in U-Fix, a contract which gives you a monthly allowance of minutes and messages, but stops working the moment you have used them all up. You can still use it after this though, simply by adding credit as you would with a PAYG phone.

Now while it seems like a great idea the tariffs have always been a bit lacking, and the phones quite expensive. However T-Mobile are attempting to make the tariffs better by adding a few extras:

"Call Me Back" is a service for new and existing customers which lets you send a text for free when you are out of calling credit/allowance to request that someone calls you back, you can do this up to five times a month when you are caught short.

The call costs for going over your allowance (when it reverts to a PAYG like phone) are better than before - it is now 25 pence per minute for all calls and 12 pence for all texts.

Also the new U-Fix ?35 tariff gives you unlimited minutes and messages to other T-Mobile users - which is great if you know a lot of people on the T-Mobile network, so here's hoping that there are a lot of people who do!

Over Easter there are also extra text messages on offer for U-Fix plans. The U-Fix 20 tariffs will get an extra 300 messages and the U-Fix 25 will get an extra 500 messages to use in their first three months.

While they still might not be great value, they do offer more than before and they really are ideal for parents looking for a safe, sensible mobile phone for their children - it is worrying the amount of parents that simply give their children a normal contract and then get shocked by a massive monthly bill!