Mobile Billing in your Hand

by : John Gray

Mobile network Vodafone have today announced that they will be bringing an online 'self care service' to it's mobile phones. This brand new service has been trialled by 3,000 Vodafone customers in the UK and Spain over the last three months, and has been successful enough to be rolled out over the next year.

The service will give customers a special service portal with access to real time billing information on their mobile phone, so that they can keep track of their inclusive allowances and money much better. This customer service portal will also provide information and tutorials on mobile services, such as downloading music, mobile internet or how to send a picture message.

The customer service portal should hopefully reduce the number of calls to the normal customer service for this type of query, and as long as it is free it should prove to be very popular.

The service will be rolled out to open OS phones this year (including S60 and Microsoft Windows Mobile), but Vodafone have promised that this new form of customer service will not come at the expense of the traditional customer services.