Pay as you Go Phones are Mutual Agreement

by : dylan

Pay as you go phones are a fairly new concept under which the expensive mobile phones are offered following a contract. The buyer has to pay a fixed monthlyinstalment to the network service provider as per the contract. The article focuses the other advantages of this scheme.

Mobile phones are treated like a status symbol these days. Your eminence in your friend circle often symbolised by the phone you carry. Therefore, everyone wishes to have a high end mobile handset to show off to his or her friends. Mobile companies have also joined the race and they are producing highly sophisticated handsets. At the same time, the retailers are coming up with several innovative ideas to make your dream come true. Pay as you go phones is also a very useful idea to own a high end, featured mobile without any huge burden on your pocket.

"Pay as you go phones" is a new concept coming in the industry. As per this scheme, you have to buy a phone card from the market apart from having your own handset. Now, you have to sign a contract deal with your preferred network service provider for a period of 12 to 18 months depending on your requirements. A fixed monthlyinstalment is set as per the mutual agreement. The service provider give you several benefits such as free talk time, free messaging service, reduced call rates, etc, for the period in, which the contract is valid. Hence, you get your favourite mobile phone by paying a nominal amount for a certain period.

The process of availing the Pay as you go phones is very simple. You have to call the representative of your preferred network service provider and request to activate the service. The representative will ask for the serial number of the phone and then they will provide a unique cell number to you. The required money will be deducted from your phone card and if the available balance becomes zero within 90 days, you have to purchase another card to talk more.Pay as you go and sim free mobile phones also a good option for everyone and select perfect handsets at any online mobile phone shop.

This scheme is getting popularity among all classes of people. However, teenagers and youths are attracted more towards it. It is really a treat to them as many times they are not able to afford the price of these highly expensive mobile phones. The retailers are offering more choices to the users in the form of "cheap pay as you go phones." You can enjoy this scheme to the phones which are not so expensive. This gives you more reasons to cheer up.