Mobile Phone Deals-make Easy to Get your Dream Handset

by : Martin Dev

The feature packed newest models of Latest Mobile Phones lure everyone to buy them. But these handsets are generally costly and beyond the reach of many people. Therefore, mobile phone dealers in the UK have come up with various phone deals that make it possible for users to own their dream handset at cheaper rates. The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association says that about 55,000 phone users switch to a new phone deal every day. The figure has alarmed the phone dealers to come up with better and more cost effective deals. These phone deals have got wide acceptance among the mobile phone users. Owing to their huge success, the mobile phone dealers have announced many new deals in past few years.

The two most popular mobile phone deals include 12 months free line rental contract mobile phone and SIM free mobile phone. In 12 months free line rental deal, the user has to sign a contract for a fixed period of 12 months with a mobile network carrier of his or her choice. The user has to deposit some agreed amount of money to the network carrier as security deposit for the period of one year. The network carrier offers numerous benefits to the user for the period the deal is in force. The benefits typically include free talk time,subsidised call rate and free text messages. The deal also allows the user to pick up a handset of her or his choice free of cost.

In SIM free mobile phone deal, the user is given a mobile without a SIM card of any particular network carrier. The user is free to choose a network carrier of his choice. If the user is not satisfied with the services and tariff plans of the carrier, he can always switch to a new network service provider at will. The user has the liberty to change his mobile network carrier as many times as he wishes as he is not bound by any contract with a particular carrier. The user can easily switch to a different carrier that he thinks offers better value for his or her money.

The SIM free deal gives freedom to the user from abiding with the regulations and tariff plans of a particular network service provider for a fixed period of time. The SIM free phone deal is ideal for those who need to frequently fly to different regions of the world. Such users can always buy the SIM card of a local network carrier of that particular country. This will allow him to make cheap calls from his own handset. This will save the user from spending a fortune on STD calls.

Alternatively, one can also buy a Pay As You Go Phone or Payg phone. The Pay As You Go Phone allows the user to buys his own talk time in advance. In this way, the user has the full control over his talk time as he can decide in advance how much talk time he would like to spend on a particular call. Thus the user can always utilise his available talk time balance in the most efficient way. These cheap mobile phones are particularly useful to those consumers who do not use their phones quite often. The Payg phones are also popular among teenagers as most of them cannot bear the high costs of other standard mobile phone deals.

Many mobile phone retailers are also offering costly free gifts like DVD players, laptops and PlayStation gaming console to the consumers as part of a phone deal. Leading mobile phone brands like Nokia and LG have launched many new models of handsets into various markets of the world. These latest mobile phones come with many advanced features and user friendly applications. All the above mobile phone deals have their own pros and cons. It is up to the consumer to decide which of the available deals will work best for her or him.