North Carolina Reverse Phone Lookup

by : Gloria Moore

When Alexander Graham Bell successfully transmitted the first sentence over a telephone machine in 1876, communication was revolutionized. The technology of the device that the world came to know at the end of the 19th century, however, is barely recognizable as a forebear when one examines modern telecommunications. The rotary dial was standard until only thirty years ago and push button phones quickly ushered in automation. Not too long ago, when you were "on the phone", you were actually on the phone - secured to it by however much cord was available. People were barely using cordless phones when cell phones went to market in 1983. By 1990, there were a million cell phone subscribers in the United States.

In North Carolina in June 2000, there were 2,730,178 subscribers, and six years later, that figure had nearly tripled to 6,200,866. In a state with almost 9 million people, that's approximately two thirds of the population who uses a cell phone. Clearly, people like their mobility. What does a land line have that your mobile doesn't? Networks are vast, calls rarely dropped, and rates are affordable. With 14 carriers in the state, consumers have choice and excellent service for cellular service. Despite all of this, however, cell phone subscribers still miss out: we're not in the phone book.

Only the very youngest cell phone users are unaware of what they're missing, but for the rest of us, it's painful - we have no access to a database that connects names and numbers. How does one find out to whom a cell phone number belongs?

Reverse cell phone lookup services are the answer. These services enable a consumer to access cell owner details, address history, carrier details, and phone connection status. If you repeatedly get calls from the same unfamiliar number, you can find out who it is before you pick up; if you kept that number for a reason, but can no longer remember what the reason was, or if you simply want to reconnect with someone and their old cell number is all you've got, this service can help. However, because these services are not yet consolidated - no phone book yet! - you take your chances. Here's a site that walks you through your free reverse phone lookup options.