Mobile Phones: Home Security

by : Liam G, a UK based home security company and the Ember Corporation; developers of ZigBee, a wireless networking technology have recently combined forces to offer consumers a revolutionary means by which to monitor their homes.

The technology in question will allow you to monitor and control your home security from anywhere in the world, providing you have an internet connection, or more likely, a mobile phone.

Through the use of your mobile phone, you have a considerable amount of information at your fingertips. For instance its possible to set up text alerts so you can be instantly informed when a fire or burglary has been detected at your home.

The system is fully customisable, with the ability to make compensations for pets, visitors or house cleaners. Moreover, it's possible to include neighbours, family & friends into a text alert. So if you're out of the country you can be rest assured someone will be at hand to check out the problem.

The system claims to be easy to set up and consist of the usual things you would expect of a home security system; window and door sensors, motion sensors etc. Another useful feature is the systems ability to detect smoke and carbon monoxide alarms an forward any problems on.

The system connects to the world and ultimately you, through an internet hub. Inside the hub is a GPRS modem and battery back-up, so you won't fall short on power outages.

Similar systems are emerging in other countries; examples include the ability to stream home security images directly to a user's mobile phone in Korea and the ability to control almost every aspect of your home security from developers in America.