Pay as you Go: a Better Substitute

by : dylan

Check the exclusive list of pay as you go mobile handsets and choose a mobile phone of your desire. Enjoy the cost-effective communication between friends by adding a set amount of minutes to curb extra expenses.

These days' latest mobile handsets come with several contracts and getting a mobile phone with a contract is sometimes irritating, as you are bonded by the service for the fixed period of time though you are not happy with the particular service. If you want to discontinue the service, you've to complete several formalities, as the cancellation process is also quite tiresome. The important concern is that it sounds like an impressive deal but you have to pay different charges and fees during the contracts.

The best alternative for this is Cheap Pay as you go phones. In this service, you just have to buy a mobile phone and add a set amount of minutes by calling on a said number. You are not bonded by any contract or additional charges. You can buy a prepaid card and enter the code for adding minutes to your mobile phones. This way you can lessen your phone bill each month.
Proving to be an excellent option for teenagers who live on tight budget, pay as you go phones can be availed without a hefty deposit. You can add minutes on mobile phones depending upon your requirements and curb extra cost. It is excellent over mobile phone contracts deals as, it comes with a choice of several varieties of mobile phones. The contract mobile phones are expensive, complicated and if cancelled, damaged, or lost, you have to pay heavy fees for it.

These phone deals are best, as one is free of monthly rentals together with this it removes the hassles that you face in a long term contract phone. You just have to pay for the minutes that you have used. Online shopping portals provide a great collection of pay as you go phones by leading mobile manufacturers and network service providers. You can choose from a wide range of mobile handsets like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG and Sony Ericsson.