Pay as you Go Phones & Contract Phones

by : Fletcher Mak

Mobile phones have emerged as the most useful gadgets of the modern day. They have made communication faster and easier. Keeping an eye the growing demands of the consumers, many phone manufacturers and network service providers are making their entry into on the market with various innovative phone deals as well as sophisticated gadgets to enable the users with better telephony.

Network providers like Vodafone, T-Mobile, 3, O2, Orange, Virgin etc., have come up with a wide range of mobile phone deals for enhancing communication. As a result pay as you go and various other contract deals came into being. Pay as you go is a popular phone deal which is preferred by a majority of the consumers. Usually cell phone contracts are for a lengthy period. To purchase a mobile handset with a deal means commitment for a stipulated period of time. What would happen if you are not happy with the contract or the service provider you are associated with? Under such circumstances it becomes difficult for any consumer to continue with that particular contract. Even if you have the option for breaching the contract, you might have to spent more time, money and effort in doing so.

Often the charges which you have to incur for a cell phone contracts become a matter of great concern, because additional charges like directory assistance, Internet access etc., may charge you more. That is why a good option would be to go for a pay as you go phone deal. In PAYG phone deals you have the liberty to switch Network providers, purchase the amount of minutes as you wish and also you have the freedom to control your phone expenses.

To buy a pay as you go phone can be a viable option for teenagers and frequent travellers. Since these phones are not bound with any Network provider, travellers can easily select any service provider. Also, the teenagers who are frequent callers can restrict their phone expenses by purchasing only that amount of minutes which they require.