Guinan’s Guide to Starfleet Saloons

by : Stacy Fox

As over 1,000 STAR TREK fans head to the world famous Mann’s Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on November 14, 2006 for a special 40th anniversary event, afterwards many of them will be looking for classically Trekkian beverages to cap off the evening. Whether you’re heading to Quark’s bar to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek or planning an intergalactic vacation of your own, you’ll want to stock up on some Trek drinks to serve friends of all species who might come over to your pad.

Be ready with some Kentucky Bourbon. Scotty will need it for his favorite drink, the Mint Juleps. If Bones happens to stop by, he might use it to whip up some Southern Baked Beans.

You absolutely will want to have some Blood Wine on hand for the Klingons. They like to drink it out of the Skulls of their Enemies. They will say “let us drink tonight . . . for tomorrow we shall surely die!" If you can get ahold of the vintage from 2309, you’ll certainly make friends as this is considered the premier year. Also, Klingons prefer to drink their alcohol warm.

Less popular than Blood Wine, but still sure to be a hit among your Klingon friends is Warnog. While not used for ceremonial purposes, this is often seen in Klingon war encampments. Today really is a good day to die.

If you invite Romulans, be sure to have some Romulan Ale on hand. You might have some trouble acquiring this blue-colored strong alcoholic beverage as it is illegal to possess in the Federation.

If you’re thinking about inviting some species from the Gamma Quadrant, you’ll want to acquire some Tulaberry wine. If you need help getting it, call on Quark. He seems to have a ready supply.

Antarean Brandy has universal appeal. This is a pale blue alcohol made from phentora, a grain native to the planet Antares B III. Antarean brandy is a favorite spirit on many Federation worlds, though it is unclear whether it is readily available on 21st century Earth.

For variety, you can have Denebian liquer. This is a potent alcoholic beverage, distilled in the Deneb system, and has a peppermint taste.

For the midnight toast, have some Chateau Pickard ready. This is red wine produced in the Picard vineyards. Chateau Pickard is a real vintage, believe it or not, but it is made in Saint Estephe.

For the designated drivers, of course, you should have some synthanol on hand. This alcohol free synthetic drink is sure to please those who are being careful not to imbibe.

So go out and celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Trek!