T-mobile in the Uk

by : Jawahn Thompson

T-Mobile UK understands that customers are most interested in plans that fit their needs, and have designed some of the most popular offerings in the marketplace today. In fact, over two million customers have already chosen T-Mobile UK's Flext Plans!

Flext Plans offer a monthly allowance which allows user to share talk minutes, texts and picture messages. Users receive weekly texts to update them on their remaining time, and arrangements can be made for either a 12 or 18 month contract period. There are 11 different options, but, in general, subscribers may choose anywhere from 170 voice minutes/340 texts (at a monthly charge of ?15) to 1275 voice minutes/2550 texts (at a monthly rate of ?45).

T-Mobile UK's Web'N'Walk Plans can be added onto the Flext plans for the opportunity of unlimited web surfing and emailing. They cost an additional ?22.50-?52.50 per month, and Web'N'Walk Plus plans also allow unlimited Instant Messaging.

Some customers may prefer one of the MyFaves Plans, which allow unlimited calls to their 5 favourite people on any UK network. The 18 month contract price ranges from ?25 for 25 voice minutes (for calling others than these 5) and 50 texts, to ?45 for 200 voice minutes and 400 texts. Other callers who use their phones mainly after 7PM or on weekends may prefer Off-peak Plans, which provide monthly allowances of voice minutes and texts, with an option of a 24 month package rate, at only ?15 for 3000 voice minutes!

With T-Mobile's Pay As You Go Plan, customers can choose between Mates Rates (offering economical rates of 8p voice minutes and 5p texts to called parties who use T-Mobile), Everyone (15p voice minutes and 10p texts), and Text Appeal (20p-40p voice minutes and 3p texts).

Another choice could be any of the U Fix Plans, which allow customers to receive a standard allowance of minutes and text messages for a set price, but allows them to top up before the end of the month in order to avoid a surprisingly large bill; it blends the economics of a plan with the flexibility of pay as you go! Plus, with U Fix and Pay As You Go Plans, T-Mobile offers free unlimited texts on Saturdays and Sundays after topping up ?10 on Friday!

Regarding costs of overage, voice calls are priced at 20p per minute, texts are 10p each, and picture messages are 20p each. Not included in any plan allowance is the cost of voicemail retrieval, at 12p per minute.

Mobile telephones offered by T-Mobile UK include Blackberry, Nokia, LG, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and Motorola, as well as their own. They have phones that allow music listening, photo taking, television watching, and internet surfing. Plus, if a customer already has a mobile phone they wish to continue using, all T-Mobile advantages can be enjoyed with a purchase of a SIMS card only.

In fact, with a full range of accessories, upgrades, savings offers and stores throughout Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland, T-Mobile can assure that customers get everything they want and need for their mobile phone needs!