Buy Mobile Phones to Experience the Smaller World

by : Ian Ball

The revolution in mobile phone technology has brought all the states, countries and people closer. It has become possible by Globalization alone. Globalisation has resulted many innovations in the field of mobile phone communications.

The invention of the telephone by Marcony was unimaginable and it was a wonder to the people at that time. Thanks to the technology and the developers toadya even watching live television is not a surprise.

Mobile phones has made the world a village. It is possible to have a conference on mobile phones from one end of the globe to other end. Today, it is hardly realisable that what could have been a life without mobile phone. Mobiles have bridged the gap of oceans and continents. It is not a long ago that a telephone was hanged on a wall or kept on the table and made to move at the length telephone cord. Today, mobile phone has enabled us to converse about the weather forcasts and else anything on the earth from not only drawing rooms, but also from the any corner of house.

This has become possible because telephone has become a cordless and miniature in size. Once upon atime a car phone was a herald of newer technology. No one imagined that there will be a mobile phone upto the extent of providing service so one will able to talk while driving the vehicle or traveling from one place to another. There was the boom of Information Technology and moblile phone was introduced. A boom happened! There was an e invention of echnology that brought an great change in the globe to have a way to carry out any type of communication from earth to moon and sea to sea.

That was the beginning of mobile phones. This technology left behind an old and conventional way of posting a letter and sending my post office. Gone the days when post office was the only source communicate the information quickly. But today mobile phones have taken charge of the world communication and human lives, the buzzword is real time global communication. Now it is the the communication era and we live in mobile phone age. Day by day newer and newer phones, modes, technology is proving. People buy mobile phones to stay in contact with other people.

Mobile phones are the true representative of global village communication. Truly speaking mobile phones has made the world as a village. One can instatly dial and talk from one end of globe to to other while in office or in a train or in an aircraft.