The Jcb Tough Phone

by : Matt Sharp

New on the market is the JCB TOUGH PHONE, a big, yellow powerhouse phone, built for those who live hard, work hard, and run the risk of smashing any phone that comes within 12 feet of them (yes, i'm talking about builders.)

Even just looking at the phone, you can see where it came from, what its heritage is. It's a JCB, so you expect it to be big, powerful, strong as an ox, solid as a rock, and above all else, BRIGHT YELLOW! Well, it doesn't disappoint, as the body on the JCB TOUGH PHONE is not only built like Chuck Norris on steroids, but it's seemingly made of solid granite. Virtually nothing can harm this phone, and since it's rated up to IP53, it's resistant to shock, dust, water, and impacts. If you work on a building site, or you do a job where a normal phone would just get flattened, you know how important that is.

But, of course, builders like their phones to be funky, as much as the next man. And while the JCB TOUGH PHONE will not win any prizes for being packed with features, it has loads of cool touches that add to its manly charm. Custom animations, JCB branding, and of course, a ringtone of a JCB digger starting up. Ok, that;s not a hugely useful feature, but by god, did it put a grin on my face!

Now, be aware, the JCB TOUGH PHONE doesn't have a camera, it doesn't have java, it doesn;t play games, there's no memory card slot, and it doesn't have a music player. But you know what? it doesn't need any of that stuff! It's a phone, in the purest sense, it's ALL about communication in a harsh environment, with brick dust flying, and rocks getting hurled at it.

Let's face it, how many phones can you have been driven over by a van and survived? The JCB TOUGH PHONE has. And if you don't like it, this JCB phone is hard enough to take you outside for a beating!