NYPD Blue (Season 2) DVD Review

by : Britt Gillette

Nominated for 84 Emmys and 13 Golden Globes, including 5 for Best TV Series - Drama in its first five years, NYPD Blue is one of the best prime time dramas in television history. It's also one of the most talked about and controversial as well. Prior to its series premiere in Fall 1993, NYPD Blue found itself embroiled in a nationwide controversy surrounding proper TV programming and calls for government censorship. Its opening tagline "This police drama contains adult language and scenes with partial nudity. Viewer discretion is advised," caused a quite a stir before the public had even seen the first episode. Family rights groups maligned the ABC network for airing the show, but when NYPD Blue turned out to be a mild show by conventional standards, the massive publicity only served to instantly propel the police drama to the top of the Nielsen ratings, where it lived out 12 successful seasons…

NYPD Blue follows the exploits of a New York City Police Department unit as they deal with the high-stress trials and travails indicative of the world's most demanding police work. During the show's 12 seasons, a number of characters transferred in and out of the department, but Det. Andy Sipowicz (Dennis Franz) was the one constant. The brash, steel-gut demeanor of Sipowicz set the tone for the show, and most episodes revolve around Sipowicz and his various partners (whose mild-mannered temperaments help soften his oftentimes brash methods). Det. John Kelley (David Caruso) was the first of these partners, followed by Bobby Simone (Jimmy Smits)… The brainchild of Steven Bochco (former writer for Columbo and creator of such hit series as Hill Street Blues, L.A. Law, and Doogie Howser, M.D.), NYPD Blue raised the bar for prime-time police dramas, and along with contemporary peer Law & Order, the show defined the genre during the decade of the 1990s…

The NYPD Blue (Season 2) DVD features a number of dramatic episodes including the season premiere "Trials & Tribulations" in which Kelley's testimony on Licalsi's behalf triggers an Internal Affairs investigation and Sipowicz tries to enlist the help of an abused woman (fearful of her husband) whose testimony is badly needed. Meanwhile, Sipowicz's AA sponsor wants him to agree to the boilerplate recovery contract before reconstituting his relationship with Sylvia… Other notable episodes from Season 2 include "The Final Adjustment" in which Simone and Sipowicz investigate a successful chiropractor suspected of murdering his wife, and "Bombs Away" in which the two detectives apprehend a Rumanian immigrant with a woman locked in his trunk and the man turns out to be a fugitive terrorist…

Below is a list of episodes included on the NYPD Blue (Season 2) DVD:

Episode 23 (Trials & Tribulations) Air Date: 10-11-1994
Episode 24 (From Whom the Skell Rolls) Air Date: 10-18-1994
Episode 25 (Cop Suey) Air Date: 10-25-1994
Episode 26 (Dead and Gone) Air Date: 11-01-1994
Episode 27 (Simone Says) Air Date: 11-15-1994
Episode 28 (The Final Adjustment) Air Date: 11-22-1994
Episode 29 (Double Abandando) Air Date: 11-29-1994
Episode 30 (You Bet Your Life) Air Date: 12-06-1994
Episode 31 (Don We Now Our Gay Apparel) Air Date: 01-03-1995
Episode 32 (In the Butt, Bob) Air Date: 01-10-1995
Episode 33 (Vishy-Vashy-Vinny) Air Date: 01-17-1995
Episode 34 (Large Mouth Bass) Air Date: 02-07-1995
Episode 35 (Travels with Andy) Air Date: 02-14-1995
Episode 36 (A Murder with Teeth in It) Air Date: 02-21-1995
Episode 37 (Bombs Away) Air Date: 02-28-1995
Episode 38 (UnAmerican Graffiti) Air Date: 03-14-1995
Episode 39 (Dirty Socks) Air Date: 03-21-1995
Episode 40 (Innuendo) Air Date: 04-04-1995
Episode 41 (Boxer Rebellion) Air Date: 05-02-1995
Episode 42 (The Bookie and Kooky Cookie) Air Date: 05-09-1995
Episode 43 (The Bank Dick) Air Date: 05-16-1995
Episode 44 (A.D.A. Sipowicz) Air Date: 05-23-1995