Why Seniors Should Have a Cell Phone

by : Sheri Davis Collins

3 Reasons Why ...

Cell phones have become a staple to our daily lives. We use them nearly every day to communicate with our friends, family and business acquaintances. They have changed the way we live our lives and how we interact with the world in which we live. However, there is an often-overlooked segment of our society to whom cell phones are increasingly important: senior citizens.

Cell phones for seniors have become much more than a simple communication tool. If you are a senior citizen or you are looking for the perfect gift for a senior you know, consider these three reasons for buying a cell phone for your favorite senior.

Reason #1: Using A Cell Phone For Medical Emergencies

Many senior citizens live alone or spend ample amounts of time by themselves. While that independence can be invigorating, many of these seniors have health and medical issues that require attention. Giving a cell phone to a senior allows them the flexibility to enjoy their independence while providing them a way to get immediate help should they require it.

If a senior keeps a cell phone on their person at all times, they can call 911 emergency support if they hurt themselves falling and cannot reach another phone. Should they be stricken with breathing problems or other urgent medical issues, time is critical. That time should not be spent looking for another phone. A cell phone would be handy (and potentially life-saving).

Reason #2: Using A Cell Phone To Stay In Contact With Family & Friends

Cell phones for seniors allow them to easily stay in contact with their friends and family. Because many seniors enjoy an independent lifestyle, it can often be difficult for them to keep in touch with those they love. A cell phone resolves this issue. A senior can keep a cell phone nearby just in case their grandchildren call. Or if they simply wants to say hello to a friend across the country.

As seniors grow older, it becomes increasingly important to communicate with those they love. Giving a senior a cell phone allows them to do that.

Reason #3: Using A Cell Phone To Keep Safe

Safety is a primary concern for many seniors. Whether they are out for a walk in their neighborhood or peering out their window at a stranger on their driveway, seniors want to be able to access help when they feel the need.

If a senior is taking a walk and enters an unsafe environment with no exit path, a cell phone could literally save their life. Knowing that help is just a phone call away can be very comforting to a senior. Further, if the power goes out in a senior's home, a cell phone would give that senior a high level of comfort knowing that he or she can dial for help even with the land line phone not functioning.

Cell phones for seniors make wonderful gifts. They provide instant access to help should they require medical attention. They also provide a way to communicate with the people they love.

Just as important, they give seniors piece of mind that they always have access to the police or other security personnel if they require aid. Cell phones for seniors should be on everyone's gift list. http://www.haven-designs-decorative-pillows.com/unique_gift_catalog.html