Apple Ipod Nano V3 4gb Silver

by : Adam Caitlin

Apple iPod Nano is a portable media player that has become widely popular among tech-savvy users the world over. Slick marketing campaigns have been undertaken by the parent company to popularize this Apple iPod in different parts of the world. And the quality of the product more than lives up to the hype that is being created.

The Apple iPod nano is a mid-priced iPod solution from Apple. Its features and specifications are somewhat more than the iPod Shuffle and somewhat less that the new iPod video on the high end. Apart from the color screen, the Apple iPod nano comes with a patented control interface. The design of the gadget is small as compared to other such products. The storage capacity is somewhat compromised as compared to the full sized Apple iPod. The Apple iPod nano is smaller in profile making it more portable and convenient.

The is made of hard plastic on the front and metal on the back. One can connect this Apple iPod to a USB dock connector, or a headphone jack. The control of this Apple iPod is intuitive. There is a specific Apple click wheel that could be used for this purpose. The click wheel can sense circular movements and one can use it to control volume or navigate through the menus. A single "hold" switch is present that can be used to lock the device down so that there is no unnecessary contact with the click wheel and untoward skipping of track or blasting of volume.

Sporting a thin and stylish design, the Apple ipod Nano is now available in a wide hue of five colors. And the color silver in one among these different colors. The display of the Apple iPod Nano V3 4GB Silver is bright. The battery life is for up to 24 hours. And the Apple iPod Nano is available in different storage capacities that include 2GB, and 4GB storage.