Mobile Phone: Take your Life to a New High

by : Benjamin Rossetti

In our busy life, mobile phones are serving every role from communication, information to entertainment. In fact, now mobile are playing much bigger role than before due to rapid advancement both in e-connectivity and technology. For heterogeneous people, these gadgets are fulfilling various needs. For instance, more and more consumers are using their cell phones for tasks such as downloading music, streaming video, browsing the Internet or receiving emails with attachments.

As technology is slowly but surely weaving its way towards next generation of , this ongoing process is making the new generation mobile phones highly advanced and multi-faceted. Latest handsets from mobile manufacturers such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, etc., are now power packed with PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) and operating systems that allow mobile users to install other applications specially designed for cell phones. Moreover, new generation phones make tasks faster and easier by utilizing HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access), an evolutionary technology offering downloads up to 10 times faster than over usual WCDMA networks.

Furthermore, the mobile industry has taken a huge stride forward by using 3G technology. And users are now experiencing the full potential of 3G wireless technology. With high speed data access and ease of connectivity, 3G have given a new experience to the users. The new Walkman series phones from Sony Ericsson to business phones from Samsung & Nokia, Smart-phones with smart features are all set to change your mobile lifestyle.

The other application that has further enhanced mobile phone capability is the entertainment applications on these gizmos. Mobile games, camera functions, media player and FM radio are some of the multimedia applications that have changed the way you were using your cellular phone. In addition, these phones have also become the latest information centre. With WAP, GPRS and EDGE technologies, your world is at your fingertips. Connect and share data to other compatible devices via Bluetooth, Infrared & USB.

Besides that, the latest buzz is on the iPhone. It is a multimedia and Internet-enabled quad-band GSM EDGE-supported mobile phone designed and sold by Apple. The iPhone's functions include those of a camera phone and a portable media player
("iPod"), in addition to text messaging and visual voicemail. It also offers Internet services including e-mail, web browsing, and local Wi-Fi connectivity. User input is accomplished via a multi-touch screen with virtual keyboard and

Thus, choose the best deal of your choice and access the newly-open opportunity.